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Sprenger KK Ultra Aurigan Pelham

Sprenger KK Ultra Aurigan Pelham

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Sprenger Pelham in Aurigan with KK Ultra mouthpiece. Aurigan is a metal alloy exclusive Sprenger, which determines a high activity of mastication and an optimal oxidation. KK Ultra mouthpiece, with double-joint in central bean, inclined at 45° to the front, which then allows the mouthpiece to rest gently and constantly on the tongue of the horse, which stimulates the horse to accept the bit more easily, without putting pressure on palate, completely dynamic, perfectly adapted to the horse's mouth. In this way even the most soft and delicate rider instructions will be given to the horse properly, making the combination more harmonious and pleasant. Thickness 16 mm, with 13.5 cm total shanks, 6.5 cm lower shanks. Place the mouthpiece so that the arrow is pointing forward on the left side.


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