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Shires Sweet Iron Ported Mullen Dee Ring Snaffle

Shires Sweet Iron Ported Mullen Dee Ring Snaffle

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A functional bit at an affordable price, the Shires Mullen Mouth Blue Alloy Dee Bit is a great option for schooling as well as competition and is a must-have for your tack room. The traditional   gives this bit a classic finish suitable for any a variety of disciplines.

The mouthpiece puts even pressure directly onto the tongue instead of the more sensitive bars, making it ideal for sensitive horses and situations where a high degree of lateral flexion is not required. A small center port allows for ergonomic tongue relief. With the addition of sweet iron, this bit encourages salivation and provides a pleasant taste.

Please Note: The rusting (oxidation) process will change the blue surface of the bit to a brownish orange/grey color. This is  and can be removed by simply wiping with a damp cloth. If the bit will be used infrequently, oxidation between use can be minimized by application of baking soda paste on the mouth and wiping clean after each use.


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