Nuumed Shimmable Dressage Saddle Pad

Nuumed Shimmable Dressage Saddle Pad

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This Corrective dressage saddlepad makes it easy to temporarily adjust saddle fit, whether it's due to medical reasons, age, change in fitness or when a saddle is used on multiple horses. 

With three integral pockets on either side, shims can be inserted or removed as required for adjustability, with 12 corrective shims provided as standard to help temporarily balance the fit of the saddle.

Made with 5oz top quality quilt and cut to the same pattern as NuuMed's very popular HiWither saddlepad, the shims can be removed to use as a regular saddlepad - for ultimate versatility.

The HiWither design of this saddlepad helps to relieve pressure across the wither for a more comfortable feel for the horse.

  • From our corrective range to temporarily support saddle fit
  • Add  up to 12 shims to balance the saddle (up to 2 shims per pocket)
  • Uses high quality quilt and binding material to prevent rubbing
  • HiWither design for optimum comfort across the wither and spine
  • Machine washable and easy to care for


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