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Micklem 2 Deluxe Competition Bridle with Reins

Micklem 2 Deluxe Competition Bridle with Reins

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The Horseware Micklem II Deluxe Competition Bridle merges exceptional performance and innovation. The leather is softer and more akin to traditional European leather, the DD Eco-leather has the added benefit of being vegetable tanned meaning the leather is coloured using natural dye components. While being better for the environment it is also REACH compliant. The Micklem 2 Competition Bridle is anatomically correct to ensure ultimate comfort for your horse. The curved crown piece is anatomically designed from the inside out and is the first crown that mirrors the shape of the horse’s head. The advanced curved crown shapes nicely around the ears creating a perfect fit to avoid nerve pressure and offering additional comfort. This bridle eliminates the discomfort caused by pressure on the facial nerves. The nose piece is wider, which offers additional comfort for your horse while looking great! It minimizes internal mouth damage while also overcoming possible numbness in the lower half of your horse’s face caused by pressure on the nerves. This bridle effectively reduces any discomfort or restriction of breathing caused by low-fitting drop nosebands. The Micklem 2 Competition Bridle removes discomfort and pain under the tongue caused by pressure. The bottom back straps now feature an innovative curve, so the bridle fits more comfortably around the bit. This tiny improvement makes a significant difference in comfort for your horse. The upper back straps have been repositioned to slightly pull the cheekpieces backwards to keep the cheeks and crown away from the ears. The bit straps are wider which also helps bring the cheeks back a bit. Elegant enough for the show ring.



  • Anatomic
  • Improved leather
  • Curved crown
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Includes reins

Notable Improvements from the Micklem I:

  • Softer leather
  • Curved crown
  • Wider nose
  • Curve on bottom back straps
  • Repositioned upper back straps
  • Larger variety of sizes
  • Slightly wider bit straps
  • Refined buckles
  • Softened angles for a more refined elegance


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