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Korsteel Aluminum Stirrup

Korsteel Aluminum Stirrup

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Korsteel Aluminum Stirrups

Korsteel Aluminum Stirrups in beautiful hues will make a style statement with your English saddle. Aluminum stirrup irons have a cut out design that looks attractive while reducing the weight of the stirrup. The wide footbed is textured to give a good grip with your boots.

  • Standard 4.5 inch size
  • Rose Gold, Rainbow, Black, and Silver
  • Textured wide footbed

Korsteel Aluminum Stirrups come in standard size in Rose Gold, Rainbow, Black (gunmetal), and Silver. Go for a fun look with your black or brown saddle and let your personality shine in the arena! Aluminum Stirrups from Korstell are designed to deliver quality and performance as well as a distinctive look.


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