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Hoof Doctor

Hoof Doctor Putty

Hoof Doctor Putty

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Hoof Doctor Putty is a unique hoof putty based on Birch Bark Extract, Betulin, Clinoptilolite, and Fish Oil for the professional care of horses' hooves. It is a non-caustic product easily applied to the white line, hoof wall separations, and hoof frog.

  • Aids elasticity of the hoof wall
  • Promotes healthy growth of the hoof
  • Promotes hoof strength
  • Non-irritating and safe to apply without wearing gloves
  • The product does not dry out, but keep container tightly closed when not in use
  • Can be used under pads to keep soles and frogs in healthy condition
  • Made with a non-caustic formulation—contains no copper sulfate, no harmful or petroleum-based products
  • Please note the equine care product is for hoof use only.
  • The product has a distinctive smoky smell


      • Thoroughly clean the hoof of visible mud and a towel dry before application

      • If barefoot, apply the product twice per week 

      • If shod, pull shoes off and apply during each shoe reset. Should also be applied prior to resetting the shoes

      • Use regularly as a preventative.

      With this horse hoof care product, you'll be able to improve the quality of the hoof while providing continuing care between farrier visits for an overall healthier hoof!



      In all cases involving hoof conditions, diseases, or injuries, your veterinarian, along with your farrier, are your best
      sources for information about your horse and their particular circumstances

      DO NOT FREEZE ( 34 F / 1 C minimum)

      • Keep out of reach children and pets
      • Not for human or consumption


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