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Full cheek Fulmer Snaffle

Full cheek Fulmer Snaffle

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The fulmer snaffle is a loose ring variation of the full cheek bit. Loose rings make the bit much more moveable in the horse’s mouth, which is suited to horses that need the assistance of a full cheek but also have a tendency to lean or fix on the bit. This bit can be used with keepers on the bridle to help keep the cheeks vertical.

The winged, full cheek shanks assist with steering whilst the single jointed mouthpiece has a lifting action and applies pressure across the lips and bars of the mouth. Made from stainless steel, which is the most common material used for horse bits, it is durable, easy to clean, tasteless and does not rust.

The longer cheeks prevent the bit from being pulled through the mouth. This bit features 2-¼" rings and a 13 mm mouth.


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