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Equinety Horse XL

Equinety Horse XL

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Q: WHY is Equinety Horse XL unique?The amino acids in Equinety Horse XL are specifically formulated to stimulate the pituitary gland, (the master gland in the body), and this is what releases the necessary hormones that help the body repair at a cellular level. This is why it can help in so many ways! The dose you give your horse is the same for a tiny mini or a draft horse since the pituitary gland is roughly the same size in mammals, about the size of a pea. SO, the dose has nothing to do with the weight of the horse, it has to do with the size of the pituitary gland. (1 dose is 5.2g – a rounded teaspoon)

A: If you have a horse with a joint issue… what are your possible solutions to help? Well, there aren’t many… injections and/or joint supplements.

If you have a horse with hoof issues… what are your possible solutions? Hoof supplements and a GREAT farrier. This issue with this is, you could have the greatest farrier in the world standing in front of your horse, but if there isn’t anything to work with, the farrier is very limited, and that’s putting it mildly.

What if you have a horse with a poor Top-line, Gut issues, Stressed, not Focused, Laminitis, Founder, Allergies, Dull Coat, Mane and Tail won’t grow, Sore, Cracked Hooves, Thin Soles, Torn Muscle – Ligament or Tendon or a Bone Fracture, Mystery Lameness, Senior horse, Rescue, Pregnant Mare, Struggling foal, arthritis, etc etc etc? The vast majority of these cases the horse owner was working very closely with their Veterinarian / Farrier and were still having issues.

If you’re struggling with any of these things and have tried just about everything else and the results you’re looking for have fallen short…. Equinety Horse XL might just be the missing puzzle piece you’ve been looking for!

There are no negative side effects when using Equinety Horse XL. As a matter of fact, we recommend not changing anything you’re giving to your horse and just add the Equinety Horse XL to your horse’s feed. Then over the next couple of weeks to 30 days, you should see enough of a noticeable change to then decide whether to reduce and/or stop giving other things you don’t believe are working to your expectations.


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