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Ecogold Eventing Boot

Ecogold Eventing Boot

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EcoGold Country Boots are 100% breathable and won’t suck up water out on course. The design is naturally breathable without the use of vents that allow dirt in on sandy courses. Neoprene-free, EcoGold cross country boots will give your steed the protection and support he needs on cross country or out on conditioning rides in the hills.

  • Polycarbonate protective shield that’s super flexible and “stronger than an axe”
  • Memory foam conforms to horse’s legs, distributing pressure evenly
  • Do not hold water, helping to keep horse’s legs cool and dry
  • Micro-fiber lining prevents rubs
  • Sturdy elastic & velcro
  • Ultra-breathable without the use of vents
  • Large Ecogold cross country coots typically fit warmbloods or “monster horse legs”. 12" circumference, 9.5" height for front boots and 12" height for back boots, meaured at the back of the boot


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